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Department of Chemistry, Rice University

We are a synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry group focused on using earth-abundant s- and p-block metals for the development of sustainable catalysts, synthetic methodologies, and new organic materials! The goal of the Yruegas group is to advance the synthesis of innovative pharmaceuticals, optoelectronic devices, and polymers.


Students and post-doctoral researchers in the group will acquire expertise in synthetic chemistry, particularly with air-sensitive manipulations, as well as spectroscopic and crystallographic techniques, method development, and mechanistic study.

Group News:

November 2023: We welcome 3 new graduate students and one undergraduate: Macallister (G), Kyle (G), Kimberly (G), and Alex (UG)

October 2023: Grad student Kaitlyn gives second CHEM 600 research update

 September 2023: We welcome our first post doc, Mamta, to the lab!

August 2023: Undergraduates Kayla, Chris, and Kayla present their summer research at the Rice poster session!

April 2023: Grad student Dinora gives CHEM 600 research update

April 2023: Undergrads Ian and Chris participate in Beer Bike!

March 2023: Grad student Kaitlyn gives CHEM 600 research update

February 2023: Undergraduate Kayla joins the lab!

February 2023: Gloveboxes are installed!

February 2023: First graduate recruitment weekend for the lab

January 2023: Undergraduates Ian and Chris join the lab!

November 2022: Welcome to Dinora and Kaitlyn, the first grad students to join the Yruegas Lab!

September 2022: Lab renovations start!

October 2022: Lab Move-In

May 2022: Lab is awarded a CPRIT Grant 

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